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Most often, the laying of tiles on the floor is trusted by professional tilers and this is not done in vain. Durability and beauty of the coating depend on the quality of laying and this work process is very complex. The most important thing is to choose the right installation solutions and strictly follow the technology.


There are several types of floor tiles in the modern world, for example:

cotto or tuscan tiles, terraglia, monocottura, bicottura, clinker tiles, gres (a type of porcelain stoneware) and porcelain stoneware.



Typically, the laying of tiles consists of several stages:


  • Foundation preparation. It needs to prepare the foundation to keep it smooth, clean and dry. It is preferable to lay the tiles on a concrete screed, but if you wish, you can also put them on wood, chipboard (or other similar material).
  • Drawing the markup. As soon as the floor is dry, specialists start drawing the markup. There are a lot of ways to draw the markup, but everyone has one goal - the floor should be marked so that, firstly, the trimmed tiles were not visible and secondly, trimmings were required as little as possible. Ideally, tiles should be cut by a third or at most half.
  • Laying the first tile and the first row. For the process, a special glue is used, which is applied with a spatula to one of the corners of the intersection and at the same time to the area of several tiles of the future first row, slightly going beyond it. Then it is necessary to smooth out the glue with the serrated spatula. Here it is important to always keep the comb at the same angle so that the glue has the same thickness.



Here are a few rules and tips for the laying tiles:

-    The floor base and tiles must always be dry.

-    The glue is applied to no more than 1 linear meter of the facing area at a time.

-    The glue that has stood for more than 30-40 minutes becomes unsuitable for use (except for glues from some manufacturers).

-    Before starting work, be sure to check that the tile tone indicated on all boxes matches.

-    Sometimes the tiles have special orientation designator of the laying which we can additionally mark on the tile end with a pencil for convenience.

-    It is important to have time to remove excess glue before it dries. It is best to remove it from the tile surface with a cloth soaked in solvent.


Highly qualified specialists of «BuildService Group» LLC will certainly help you in the implementation of this whole process, because only professionals work for us.