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Concrete and reinforced concrete works


Today reinforced concrete is the main modern building material of great strength. If we analyze is composition in detail then reinforced concrete is composite material obtained by joining a steel frame and concrete. This combination allows you use the advantages of both materials and compensate for limitations.

Reinforced concrete is formed as a result of pouring a reinforcing cage with a concrete solution. Originally this material was planned to be used as a material for the manufacture of tubs for plants. But in fact in the 20th century it became the most common material in construction.

Concrete is an artificial stone that is highly compression resistance but low tensile strength. This explains it`s relative fragility.

Metal has excellent tensile strength but low compression strength.

Reinforced concrete characteristic

There are several types of product which are associated not so much with properties as with manufacturing technology.


Monolithic hind is a reinforced concrete received directly at the construction site. A typical example of such a design is the foundation of both a country house and a high-rise building.

Formwork is installed in the prepared foundation pit, fittings are mounted in accordance with the load and concrete is poured. Design characteristics depend on the grade of concrete mix and the amount of fittings.

Сборный железобетон
Precast concrete

Precast concrete manufactured at the factory. For this, fittings is fixed in a special shape and concrete is poured there. The finished product that has reached the required degree of hardness is transported to the construction site and assembled.

Precast monolithic

Precast monolithic reinforced concrete means that prefabricated structures which are manufactured at the factory play the role of permanent formwork. In practice this is construction where part of structures are produced in a monolithic way, and the other part is overlaps that are made in a prefabricate way.

Сборно-монолитный ЖЕЛЕЗОБЕТОН
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Advantages of using reinforced concrete
  • Strength and resistance to loads. This is the main dignity of material. Monolithic or prefabricated structure is much superior to the frame structure both in strength and reliability.
  • Durability, the connection of steel and building stone creates an extremely stable structure. Reinforced concrete building are the most durable.
  • Fire resistance. Both of these materials do not burn and not support combustion.
  • Chemical inertia. This is an important quality for residential buildings. Biological resistance is equally important. Concrete and steel will never became victims of rodents and most fungi.
  • Low cost. Monolithic and prefabricated structure have a minimal cost.
  • Manufacturability. Reinforced concrete structure can be given any physically possible shape.
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