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The company «BuildService Group» carries out the construction and installation works in Chervonograd (Lviv Oblast) on st. Stepana Bandera, 60. 85% of the planned reconstruction of the ATB store has already been completed.

At this stage, the following works were completed:

- Installation of the composite (4 millwrights);

- Lattice for the entrance group mat (3 welders);

- Facade porcelain stoneware (2 facade builders*);

- Grilliatto ceiling (2 finishers);

- Painting of the metal structures (2 painters)

- Wall painting (2 painters);

- Walls plastering (2 painters);

- Installation of the plumbing (2 plumbers);

- Wall tiles (1 tiler);

- Floor tiles (3 tilers);

 - Armstrong ceiling (1 finisher); 

- Electrical work (3 electricians);

- Wall cladding with a corrugated sheet of the discharge area (2 workers);

-  Installation of the water disposal (1 finisher);

- Other works: transfer of the materials for cleaning tiles for the seams grouting

cleaning the warehouse, cleaning the administrative building, restoration of the paving slabs, the unloading area, installation of the

the tray (4 handymen).


28 company specialists and 4 handymen were involved in the works.

* Note: A facade builder is a specialist who gives the required appearance to the building from the outside, by using universal hand tools and some building materials.