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Consider the main work depending on the type of screed:


Cement-sand screed

Concrete screed

Dry screed

Semi-dry screed



The cement-sand screeding will smooth the concrete, brick, or stone substrates structures.

The work uses a solution consisting of cement and sand in a combination of 1: 3, then water is added to the dry materials. The result should be a homogeneous mass of thick dough consistency.



Concrete screed is made using foam concrete of minimum class B3 and density 600-1000 kg m3.  The form can be monolithic or in the form of slabs. Also, claydite concrete or perlite concrete can be used, and "light" concretes their feature is the cellular structure, which gives the material good thermal insulation properties. The peculiarity of the latest is in the need for the additional alignment.


Foam concrete has a smoother surface, but cracks can appear. This means that on top one will also have to apply an additional layer of cement-sand mortar.


 Dry screed is performed by the dry backfill method, the material is covered with strong and durable sheet material on the top.  Then the finished floor is laid. There are various materials on the market for performing dry screed, in each case the expediency of using each of the types is determined.


Floor slabs, floors with logs are common examples of using dry screed, which is one of the fastest ways to make an even base for the topcoat.


Semi-dry screed involves the use of a cement-sand mixture with a minimum amount of water, the solution is prepared right at the construction site. The mixture is placed on the prepared surface and rubbed over. Special trowels "Helicopters" are mostly used.


A semi-dry screed allows you to achieve a perfectly flat surface, which can be used to avoid additional costs for leveling the surface. One can immediately lay tiles, parquet, laminate, or linoleum on it.


Highly qualified specialists of the «BuildService Group» company perform screed installation as a part of the construction and reconstruction of the buildings and structures.