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In May 2020, our company completed the reconstruction of the ATB retail store in Lviv, on st. Moroznaya.

The facility was delivered to the customer in time.

The following works were performed:



✔️ Screeding,


✔️ Brickwork.


✔️ Installation of the metal structures.


✔️ Manufacturing and installation of metal staircases.


✔️ Wall and floor tiling.


✔️ Installation of the fire pipeline.


✔️ Electrical works.


✔️ Installation of the cargo lifts and elevators.


✔️ Installation of the ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning systems.


✔️ Development of soil for the device of the ground loop and the laying of power cables.


✔️ Insulation and cladding of the facades.


✔️ Formation of the window openings in the brick walls.


✔️ Manufacturing and installation of the  metal porches, steps, handrails, railings.


✔️ Installation of the water supply and sewerage pipeline


✔️ Decoration of the walls and ceilings indoors.


✔️ Welding works.


Our company «BuildService Group» has a huge experience in the implementation of projects for the construction (reconstruction) of the retail facilities. We are proud of the quality of the product, the strict compliance to the deadlines, and we have excellent references from our clients.