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The company "BuildService Group" completed the reconstruction of the "ATB" store in Sambir, (Lviv Oblast). The facility was delivered to the customer in time.


In the portfolio of objects that we have completed for this Customer, this has already been the 64th ATB store in Ukraine.


The works were carried out from February 22, 2020 to June 22, 2020. 73 specialists of the company worked on the implementation of the whole complex of works.


Bricklayers - 5 people.

Screeders - 4 people

Drywaller - 6 people.

Tilers - 5 people.

Facade workers - 7 people.

Welders - 3 people.

 Painter - 8 people.

Electricians - 7 people.

 Plumbers - 4 people.

Ventilators - 5 people.

Door installers - 5 people.

Alucobond installers - 4 people.

 Outdoor advertising installers - 3 people.

Lifting equipment installers - 7 people.


Premises with a total area of 1155.8 m2 have been reconstructed for commercial needs.


 A special feature of the store in Sambir is a facade of a new type, this is the first ATB in the region, built according to the updated concept.


The following works have been carried out:


Brickwork, screed, wall, and floor tiling, false walls and partitions made of drywall, wall and ceiling putty, walls and ceiling painting, Armstrong ceiling installation, Grilyato ceiling installation, water supply, and sewage installation, ventilation installation, installation of electricity, installation of the Fire Extinguishing system, installation of the Fire Alarm system, installation of the facade from porcelain stoneware, installation of the facade from a profiled sheet, installation of the metal structures, welding work, installation of Alucobond. 


«BuildService Group» has a huge experience in the implementation of projects for the construction (reconstruction) of the retail facilities. We are proud of the quality of the product, the strict compliance with the deadlines, and we have excellent references from our clients.


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