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What is Column Formwork for?


A column is a pillar that consists of the supporting part of a structure or roof. Additional functions include decorative.


Taking into account the shape of the column, the formwork is formed to it. Usually, removable and non-removable varieties are used, which differ from each other in the speed of installation.


Today, monolithic buildings are becoming more and more popular. Their design allows you to plan a new floor regardless of the previous one. In such structures, the entire structure is supported by monolithic reinforced concrete columns. The dimensions are determined by the load.


In any case, it is important to choose the right formwork systems.


The main properties of the formwork: correct dimensions; no damages through which the solution may leak; the inner side of the formwork is smooth; reliability and stability; easy dismantling.


Column formwork types:





Various materials are used in the manufacture of the formwork, for example: wood, plastic, metal, plywood, combined formwork systems.


Modern construction companies usually use reusable structures, they are convenient to use when constructing several columns.


 Features of working with reusable formwork:


Columns can be constructed only at the construction site.

Concrete is poured into the formwork and kept until the solution hardens.

 The formwork is removed and installed in the next location.



The disadvantages include:


Storage costs of the structures.

 Transportation of the formwork is required.

Additional costs for the services of lifting mechanisms *

Today, reusable formwork is still the only optimal solution for the formation of the columns in the large-scale construction.


* many costs can be avoided by renting the structure from specialized companies.


By configuration, reusable formwork is divided into such types:


Universal shields;

Linear shields;

Beam-transom system;



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