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The company «BuildService Group» carries out the construction and installation works in Skol (Lviv Oblast) on st.Knyazya Svyatoslava, 3. A third part of the planned construction works at a new ATB store has already been completed.


 The following equipment was involved in the foundation works:


The dump trucks take out soil, deliver sand and gravel;

A small excavator is busy with the passage construction for a truck crane for the metal structures, it also carries out the supply of soil and backfilling of the foundations;

 A front loader moves the soil from the temporary site.


The company's specialists are involved in the foundation works:


Concrete works - 4 people;

Metal structures - 4 people

Handyman - 6 people.

The following works are in process:


 Installation of the metal structures

Masonry and insulation of the basement.

Trimming the well ring, backfilling the sewerage system with cleaning the site, installing the formwork for pouring concrete into the pillars, tamping the porches.

Installation of K1 *, its backfilling with sealing, and insertion of four points of K1.

* Note: K1 - Domestic sewerage is designed to drain wastewater from plumbing units, baths and showers, kitchens, public toilets, waste collection chambers, and other premises.