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Design of metal structures for the installation of photovoltaic modules is a process of developing diagrams and drawings of the design of the metal structures for the future photofield and further installation, according to these schemes of support structures of the solar panels.


Support structures (trusses) are the basis for fixing photovoltaic panels (solar panels). A set of metal mounts for a ground solar power plant is designed to create a support system for batteries. The set is designed depending on the geodesy of the site, the orientation of the earth relative to the cardinal points. On the finished farm, PV modules are placed vertically at a specific angle to maximize sunlight exposure. 


Solar mountings can be made from:


Galvanized steel is a budget option, zinc coating allows the steel to better tolerate moisture.

Stainless steel - it is more expensive than galvanized steel, chromium in the alloy makes such structures more durable.

Anodized aluminum - the mounting is lightweight, high strength. Resistant to moisture and UV light.


For ground mounting of solar panels, structures are made of such materials, assembled into a single structure for mounting one or a group of several modules in a vertical or horizontal plane. Then the structures are installed on a concrete foundation.


Steel structures for the photovoltaic modules go through three stages: design, manufacture, and installation. Each stage has its requirements and specific conditions, the observance of which is a mandatory The operational properties and the speed of installation work depend on the quality of the design of metal structures. High-quality installation of metal structures should ensure their endurance, strength, and stability.

OOO «BuildService Group» provides services for the design and installation of metal structures (tables) for photovoltaic solar panels (modules).


OOO «BuildService Group» built the first solar power plant (SPP), where there were mounted metal structures for photovoltaic modules, in 2017. Since then, we have implemented projects with a total capacity of more than 100 MW.


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