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In Sambir, Lviv Oblast, the company "BuildService Group" is finishing the reconstruction of the premises of the "ATB" store on the st. Lemkovskaya, 1a.


Our specialists are simultaneously carrying out the following works:

  • The parking lot near the store is being marked.
  • The warehouse finishing has been almost done, the walls and ceilings on the shared area are painted with the final layer
  • Cleaning of the sales area and entrance groups (doors and aisles) is carried out.
  • Sheathed air duct on the roof of the building.
  • The enclosing structures of the diesel power plant have been completed.
  • Paving slabs have been laid.

22 specialists are involved in the works: refrigerator engineers, installers of metal structures, painters, laborers, and cleaners.

The works are proceeding within the approved deadlines, comments are quickly and efficiently eliminated. Very soon a new, reconstructed ATB store will open its doors to the customers.