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The monolithic construction of objects is a way of construction in which the structures consist mainly of monolithic reinforced concrete. 


The production of materials for structures takes place right at the construction site; this is a key feature and difference of the monolithic construction. There is a process of pouring a sand-cement mortar into the formwork with a reinforcing cage installed inside it. At the same time, monolithic works do not imply any additional fire protection. Each concrete layer, regardless of the type of spatial orientation (vertical or horizontal), is a continuation of the previous concrete layer.


Advantages of monolithic construction technology:


Monolithic structures can take absolutely any form. The technology allows one to implement even the most unusual design decisions, providing an expressive and complex architecture that emphasizes the unique style of the building. A monolithic object is a one-piece reinforced concrete "lump" which gives the frame high rigidity and minimizes the tendency to crack formation The latter property makes the monolithic structure seismic resistant.


The buildings made of monolithic reinforced concrete posses such advantages:


there is a possibility of redevelopment of premises during operation without the risk of damaging the supporting structures;

high-quality surfaces of walls and ceilings, which reduces the amount of finishing work;

15-20% less weight (compared, for example, with brick objects), reduction in material consumption (steel by 7-20% and concrete up to 12%).

 lack of seams between various building structures;

 the possibility of building facilities on problem soils;

even distribution of loads on the foundation;

the possibility of construction structures of any number of storeys and layouts;

increase in internal areas by 10% (in comparison with other types of the building);

Key processes:


Installation of the rebar.

Installation of formwork and scaffolding.

Concrete laying and compacting.

Concrete maintenance in summer and warming it up in winter.

Dismantling of the formwork.


The sequence of processes can vary depending on the type of construction.


OOO «BuildService Group» provides construction services for industrial and private facilities of various difficulty levels on standard and individual projects.


One of the directions of our activity is monolithic construction (industrial sediment basins, foundations for technological equipment, construction of reinforced concrete frames for industrial buildings). The company has completed more than 70 projects, which has made it possible to earn a reputation as a reliable partner.


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