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Frame-monolithic construction, monolithic works

Monolithic construction is a popular technology, both in the construction of multi-storey buildings, residential complexes, office centers, and in the case of low-rise industrial facilities or cottages. This is a complex unique technology for the construction of buildings and structures made of reinforced concrete, which allows you to quickly create buildings and objects of almost any shape and height, according to truly unique projects

Features of the technology of construction of monolithic buildings

The basic principle of monolithic construction lies in the fact that concrete is poured into the formwork, which determines its further shape. When the concrete hardens, further actions take place without it or with it, depending on the features of the building. From the advantages of monolithic construction it can be highlighted the speed of construction long service life over 110 years in a temperate climate, high durability, even distribution of loads on the foundation and light weight especially in comparison with panel and brick buildings.

So that a monolithic building has all the maximum advantages and to minimize it`s disadvantages during constructions it is better to design individual projects developed according to specified conditions. Nowdays the marked monolithic constructions marked is actively developing allowing designers to show their imaginations fully which means that many innovations await this area.

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Монолитное строительство
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1High quality materials

We want the object build by us to survive for more than one generation, so we use only proven high-quality materials in our work.


No technology can compare with monolithic constructions. If we compare brick and concrete we will get a 10x difference in wall resistance.

3Modern technology

Specialists of our company carry out their work using the most advanced monolithic technologies. Our objects are one-piece, strong and durable structures.

4A complex approach

We always analyze all our work process totally from design construction engineering works to finishing ones providing a full range of services.

5Short terms

The process takes from several months to six months according to the site and complexity of the object. And it can be done in winter oven.

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